Contemporary music production workshop at the 2014 Salem Jazz and Soul Festival

It was such a blast presenting at the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival this year. Had a great discussion on all the intricacies of making music with your computer. The audience had great questions and I was amazed at the depth we could get into. Definitely some talented cats in the audience so I was honored to say the least. See below for an example from the workshop.

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Chroma 2 Limited Edition Forrest James CD's launch at Boston Comic Con

Excited to have my music and thoughts featured in CHROMA 2 , an amazing 8x8 full color art annual featuring art and interviews with New England's hardest working artists! Not to mention a limited edition CD of Forrest James originals, old and new,  featuring guest appearances by Callie Lipton (The Dejas),Yozmit, and Olga Kouznetsova. 50 very special copies of CHROMA 2 will come with the cd and a small number of these will be available at Boston Comic Con Friday, August 8, 2014.

Mini preview of my feature-length soundtrack for Kasheer: Art, Culture and the Struggle for Azadi

This winter I collaborated with filmmaker Elayne McCabe and editor Perry Hallinan to score their feature-length documentary about war torn Kashmir. It was a great experience that opened my eyes to creativity in the midst of chaos and taught me immense empathy for the people of Kashmir.

About the film:

KASHEER: Art, Culture and the Struggle for Azadi explores the complexities of life in a disputed territory from the point of view of three local artists living in the Kashmir Valley — a conflict zone in the Indian Himalayas on the contested border with Pakistan.

Malik Sajad is a political cartoonist offering biting satiric commentary on regional politics. A middle-aged artist reflects on his childhood and the tragic changes the local insurgency brought to his neighborhood in abstract ink drawings. Gayoor Hassan’s vibrant spiritual paintings reveal his quest for inner peace in the midst of perpetual social turmoil. Lushly photographed, this observational documentary provides a human perspective, creating space for thoughtful debate amid deeply polarizing politics.